Worlds Weirdest Sites You Really Want to Know

Here I brought Weird Websites, It is estimated that the Internet hosted more than 1,116,136,460 websites and going on increasing.And most of the website on the internet about technology, gadgets, music, games and other interesting information but also another hand there is a lot of weird websites which make you laugh, but some might shock you, and some might even cause you to question your sanity.

And to find all the weird website and creepy websites on the internet you want to live more than 2000 years.But you don't need to wait for as much time.

Now let's check them.

1. Cleverbot 

Cleverbot is a chatterbot web application and has you seen a bot doing a conversation like humans.If your day is so boring or you want to do chatting without any hesitation, No worries this bot will make your day an interesting one.

Well, Go and chat with a clever bot.And really it's a very smart bot.

2. The  Zombie Dance 

This is the very weird website if you want to see the dancing zombie you really want to see this site.

In this site, 5 to 6 zombie dance with a background music and I swear it's very funny.

Go and let's take some popcorn and enjoy the zombie dance.

3. Zombo

If a man with a very heavy voice welcomes you to the site repeatedly or, to be more accurate, he welcomes you nonstop and reassures you that it will another good day for you and you will be able to achieve every goal set easily because you're awesome.If you're looking for motivation go and visit the site who knows it will help you.

4.  Eel Slap

Eel Slap is a website where you slap a person with an eel using a mouse.This site is for fun purpose or if you're frustrated and want to slap someone, well actually it's also very funny to slap a person with eel.

why are you waiting for?Let's go and slap him for free.

5. Hypnotoad

A website where you see a hypnotoad which hypnotist you with his creepy eyes and a weird music.
And there will be a text there too"HYPNOTOAD IS HAPPY YOU'RE HERE".
If you want to hypnotise yourself, with this hypnotoad go and visit the site.


6.Endless Horse   

The name of the site told everything about the site, It quite simple to guess.

The Endless horse like its name there will be a horse which made by text and the legs of the horse will never end.

If you scroll the legs of the horse never end.

7.Falling Falling

This is the site where the many walls falling and falling but never 

stop falling.And sometimes it gives the hypnotize effect.

It is the weirdest website, I have ever seen and this website will only show you falling.

8. Test Gay 

Are you gay?

Oh my God, how will you survive?

Well, Why? I'm saying this?This site tell are you gay or not by asking some questions? So go and visit the website.

9. I Look Like Barack Obama

It is really Funny to hear that a white person say that he looks like Barack Obama.We don't know if this dude is being serious or he's just having fun.

What's so weird in it?But he said, that people on the street stop him and tell taxes and all that thing. LoL!

And he also said that you guys contact him to invite him to your parties even he doesn't look like Barack Obama.

Go and visit the site.

10.Zoom Quilt

Have you seen the world just zooming and zooming?

No, never?

Don't worry, It's okay now you can. 

This site zoom infinitely, like it, never wanted to end.

If you don't see like this site then go check it yourself.

11. Rhett and lick 

You must see a dog licking the screen before, but the thing has been changed.

There are two YouTubers who made this sites.

This site is really funny and entertaining.

Let's go and see them licking the screen. 

12. Jello time 

Are you hungry?

Want to eat jelly?

Hurry up, eat it, go now.

Go and visit the site to know why I'm doing this.

Don't forget to hover the mouse over the jelly.

13. Haneke

We're not going to sugarcoat this one for you, this site is a weird, weird place that only the strangest or jazziest of people will enjoy.

I might be a little harsh with my review of haneke.net but I have tried hard to understand its purpose but then again it might be enjoyable for even normal people who love to pay too much attention to little details or just fancy, complicated machinery.

So just go and the check the site.

14. Pointer  Pointer


When you visit the website, move your cursor and then stop it at a particular place.

you will see an image will come and that particular image will point out your cursor.

Trust me yeah, it really works.

Then go and try it.

15. Zombie Passion

This site free dating and social networking site for zombies, zombie lover and zombie survivalists.

For those who love zombie things you really just see this site and you really love it.

So why are you waiting just go and see this website?


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